DIY Laundry Detergent

Posted by on 6/15/2016
Hello Ladies!

So I know how it feels. You know, you go to the store and see all the "organic", "raw", "all natural", and "Non-gmo" stuff and think, "am I a bad person because I don't buy all that stuff?" Well, it's ok. Because of all the processes, chemicals, and preservatives contaminating our food and homes today, we have become a sickly, therefore "health-conscious generation". I was raised on good ole southern cooking, store-bought deodorant, detergent, soap, and cleaners. So far, I'm doing just fine health-wise. I have, however, quickly realized the benefits of homeade things for cost factor. Of course, the fact that it is healthier is a huge added bonus, especially since I live with a super-allergic-to-everything spouse. 

This recipe I am sharing is one of the best I have found in my DIY household items search. It only costs about $15 to make, and it smells great, cleans great, and lasts FOREVER!

Check It out below:

6 cups of borax
4 cups of Washing Soda
4 cups of Baking Soda
2 bars of Fels-Naptha natural washing soap
(optional) fragrance crystals

Directions: using a cheese grater, grate the 2 bars of soap into a large container. Add the other ingredients, put the lid on, and shake to mix. You really don't need the fragrance crystals since the natural soap smells wonderful. I added some just for a little extra scent. Use 1/8 cup for normal loads and add extra for heavily soiled or large loads. This does work in HE ONLY washers. I put this powder mix in my little detergent pull out and it works great. Occasionally it will leave a little residue of powder in the pull out, but it gets most of it out. 

You will love this stuff! 



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