When I Wake Up in the Morning... I am Blessed!

Posted by on 4/6/2016
Good Morning love! It's that time again. Time to face the world, time to do the impossible, time to accomplish more things than should be accomplished in 24 short hours, oooooh why do I have to get out of bed, if only.....

Sound familiar? Those are the thoughts of many a house wife, mother, and accomplished young lady first thing in the morning. I remember the days when I felt like I just had to get up and get going or I couldn't get anything done. I will now be the first to admit that I was *gasp* WRONG! Your morning will shape the way the rest of your day goes. We know the quote "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", but how you take that first step will make a HUGE difference for the rest of the journey. I have put together a few tips that help me get moving on the right track in the morning. 

1. "Create in me a clean heart, Renew in me a right spirit"
Obviously, as women of God, the first step to a good morning is to include some concentration on our spiritual life. Check yourself out. Do you have anything still weighing on you from the day before? Get it off your chest. Talk to God about it. Also, I know it can be hard to find good devotional's, but find something that can give you spiritual inspiration and motivation. These small and short tasks will make a big difference. 

2. But first... Coffee!
Yes, I am an avid morning coffee drinker and I get my coffee before anything else happens in the morning (except making the bed, which will also help you feel more put together and accomplished first thing). So you don't like coffee? Try some hot tea or some milk.

3. Morning pep talk to self
Don't pull out your to-do's yet. Sit down with your cup of (insert drink name here) and find something to read/ look at that will motivate you today. If you love cooking/baking, check out a few recipes and tips on the web. If you are OCD like myself, you may find comfort in checking out organizing and cleaning hacks on Pinterest. Just find what is motivating to you and take few minutes to focus on it. 

4. Get planning
Now you can take out your to-do list and jot down all the things that have been trying to run through your mind while you were relaxing. Some people try to do this first thing, but it is actually proven that if you do it as soon as you wake up, you will simply burden yourself too early and it can cause stress. 

I have found that this little routine makes a huge difference in my day. I know that it may not always work out with kids and jobs and business. Just do your best! I can have all of this done in about 20-30 minutes. If you know what time your kids are going to wake up, just get up a few minutes earlier (it will make a difference in their morning, too, for you to be ready for the day). 

I hope you are all having an incredible 2016 and we can't wait to see you all at our shows!

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