Summer Photoshoot and Zadie B's News

Posted by on 5/24/2016
EEEEEEEEEEEK! I can't wait! Comment below if you think you can guess what is returning to Zadie B's in these three GORGEOUS prints!

Want it? Give Thanks for It

Posted by on 5/18/2016
All of this to say, I realized that this is just another confirmation that while God does give us the victory, He desires a child of His with a grateful spirit to give it to. God doesn't just hand us things on a silver platter anytime we ask.

Spring CLEAN

Posted by on 5/11/2016
I know, it's the dreaded words none of you want to hear, but it's time. I, personally, am incredibly motivated to spring clean because I love the fresh feeling I get when it's all done. Unfortunately, sometimes the motivations isn't enough. This huge task also requires a lot of TIME. Something few of us seem to have in abundance. Well, I hope to help those of you who feel like you can't make it happen because of no time. Keep READING!